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    World by Land – A Fascinating Trip around the World by Car

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    The book “World by Land - A Fascinating Trip around the World by Car”, tells the story about a journey of a Brazilian couple (Roy and Michelle) who made a round-the-world trip by car crossing 5 continents, 60 countries, and 160,733km in 1,033 days.

    This narrative describes in detail subjects related to the trip, such as making the decision, changes in their lives, planning the trip, cultural differences encountered, curious passages and moments, a description of how it was living in 4 square meters of space, the couple's relationship (24 hours a day for almost three years), dealing with bureaucracies, friendships made, mechanical problems, a woman's life in the Islamic world, communication challenges, and other highly unique stories of great interest.

    The stories follow the itinerary and are transmitted in a simple, light and engaging way to read. It is a book that reads and feels like a conversation among friends, between the reader and the travelers!

    BOOK PAPERBACK: Size 15.5 x 23cm. 392 written pages + 48 pages with colored pictures.

    BOOK KINDLE: Faithful digital reproduction of our printed book for Kindle.

    BOOK KOBO: Faithful digital reproduction of our printed book for Kobo.

    BOOK GOOGLE PLAY: Faithful digital reproduction of our printed book for Google Play.

    BOOK EPUB (Apple): Faithful digital reproduction of our printed book for all types of devices and operating systems, with the exception of Kindle.

    BOOK IBOOK (Apple): Digital reproduction of our printed book for iPad. Extra: high interaction with the travel through photos and videos; many more photos than the printed book; original videos of the trip.

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    • Hello, i would like tout but your paperbook un english. Regards Florine

    • I’m a soon-to-be world traveler myself, so I’ve read a lot of travel books. Honesty, I couldn’t finish most of them.
      Michelle and Roy have created a book that’s engaging and honest, while sneaking in a lot of information about the cultures they experienced. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is interested in finding out how the rest of the world lives, no matter where you call home.

      Clark Duff
    • Really amazing journey. Anyone that has dreamed of selling the house, give the cat to a friend and go for an adventure around the world should check this out.

      Steve Mayer
    • An amazing, inspiring story of a brave man and woman who are living their dream. Their account is told with a personal touch along with vivid descriptions of the amazing sights in their journey. It is a joy to experience this adventure through their book. Well done! Parabens!

      Theresa Gomes



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